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MagSafe Charger

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Transform your charging routine into an elegant experience with our wireless Magsafe charger, designed with stylish black and gray details along the sides and bottom.

With its impressive 15W fast charging technology, this charger takes your charging experience to the next level. It eliminates the hassle of wires and provides the simplicity of just placing your device on the charger and letting the strong magnetic connection take care of the rest.

The included 1.5-meter long USB-C cable gives you the flexibility to place the charger exactly where you need it without compromising convenience.

The strong magnets ensure a stable and reliable connection between your device and the charger. Moreover, it is not just functional but also a design adornment when in idle mode on the table.

Simplify and enhance your charging experience with our wireless Magsafe charger - a perfect balance of style, speed, and convenience for your digital lifestyle.

✔ Only 0.6 cm Thin

✔ 15 Watt Fast Charging

✔ Charge via MagSafe

✔ 1.5 Meter USB-C Cable

✔ Weight: 58 grams

✔ Material: Aluminum Base - Silicone Pad

✔ Color: Black and Gray

✔ 30-day return policy

Strong magnets

With its impressive and robust magnets, it ensures a reliable and strong connection with every use. The magnets are designed to securely attach the device to the charger and guarantee stable positioning throughout the charging process.

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Frequently asked questions about this product

Our charger is compatible with a variety of mobile phones from different manufacturers, as long as they support wireless charging.

For users who do not have an iPhone, there is the option to add a Magsafe ring that you stick on the phone or case to use the charger.

For best performance, we recommend using an adapter with a power of at least 15 watts.

Our Magsafe charger is fully compatible with our RD Case V3 and other cases that have built-in Magsafe magnets.

The charger is equipped with strong magnets that ensure that your mobile sits firmly and securely during charging to avoid accidental interruptions in the charging process.

Yes, you can rotate your mobile while charging on the charger.

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